In an age where we regularly see headlines reporting the fall of leaders in both the Christian and the secular settings, few things are more important for leaders than to have meaningful accountability. At Here’s Hope we recognize the need for such accountability and strive to provide that as much as possible in our finances and our ministry.

Our board of Directors is essential in that process, tracking the efforts and results of our ministry, and keeping close tabs on expenditures to ensure that people and resources are being treated with care and responsibility. The Here’s Hope board is comprised of people who are actively involved in global ministry. If you haven’t done so already, we would invite you to visit our LEADERSHIP page to see the biographies on the leadership team of Here’s Hope Ministries.

Another level of accountability comes from our annual audits that helps to ensure that the money donated to Here’s Hope by people like yourself is being used in a manner consistent with the values and stated goals of our Board. Here’s Hope submits to two audits each year which are scrutinized by our Leadership. Additionally, those audits are evaluated at both the Federal and state level in the U.S., and is also submitted to the government of Belize in order to ensure that an appropriate majority of our ministry expenditures are truly going toward our stated aims.