Throughout the history of Here’s Hope Ministries, we have been involved in Ministries throughout Jamaica, Honduras & Belize. Because of the ongoing nature of Hosanna House, our primary investment over the last few years has been in our children’s home and among the people of Valley Community in Belize, Central America.

We are continually praying that the Lord would reveal to us any ministry needs that we are both prepared and equipped to meet, and it is always our desire to act on faith the moment we sense God directing us to new opportunities.

The American Church has been repeatedly criticized for spending money sending people to other countries that could be better spent on workers and resources actually existent within those cultures. While we recognize that the utmost caution must be exercised to ensure that Americans are not taking over jobs that could keep nationals employed, we also understand that American Christians need to be awakened to the needs of those outside of our own borders, and often times an experience cross-culturally can accomplish that in a way that pictures and speakers never can.

It is our plan, therefore, to continually offer opportunities to equip American Christians by offering cross-cultural opportunities in building homes, leading Vacation Bible School, Tutoring, Counseling & Medical Trips so that North American believers can continue to have access to those experiences that will continue to drive them toward a deeper faith in Christ and a greater burden for and involvement in the lives of those who need to experience the life-changing mercy of God.