Planning Your Adventure

Prepare Yourself:
Often times when we think about preparing for a short-term missions trip we focus on packing the right items and making sure all of the details are nailed down before leaving the country. What we often don’t think about is preparing ourselves for the trip. Here are some items to think through as you consider taking a trip with Here’s Hope Ministries.

Check your motives:
Why are you interested in participating in a cross-cultural experience? Is it your passion? A curiosity? Are you wondering if God might be calling you into some type of cross-cultural ministry? None of those are bad motives, but it is important to understand how your presence in another country can impact the lives of the nationals living there...either positively or negatively. A flexible, servant attitude will do wonders in drawing people into a willingness to hear the gospel of Christ.

Pick a project:
There are a number of types of trips that are useful and needed within a country like Belize. Some of the options would include:

  1. Caring for children/Tutoring

  2. Maintenance on the Hosanna House compound

  3. Building Homes near Valley Community, Belize

  4. Community Renovation near Valley Community

  5. Vacation Bible School with children from Hosanna House and the nearby community (our last VBS hosted more than 160 children each day).

  6. Worship/Teaching trips for Area Churches

  7. Revival Services with Music at the Here’s Hope church building

  8. Trips to provide food and/or clothing relief to the poorer districts of Dangriga, Belize

When selecting the type of experience you would like to have in Belize with Here’s Hope, it’s important to keep in mind any costs that may arise from the nature of the trip.  For example, if a group determines to assist in renovating housing near valley community, there will likely be costs for paint, aluminum roofing, nails, tools, etc. The staff of Here’s Hope will always be pleased to work with teams to help determine the specific costs and materials related to a trip.

Don’t pass over this category just  because you may expect it. Though maybe not the most visible aspect of your preparation, it is nonetheless an essential component of trip planning and execution. Pray for your own attitude and fortitude. Ask God to prepare in advance those people with whom you will interact, and to give you words that are encouraging an edifying to the people of Belize. Maybe most importantly, ask that God would create opportunities that will allow Him to glorify Himself through you and your group, and to give you the ability to trust Him in any situation.

Funding Your Trip (click here for some fundraising ideas):
Probably the least exciting yet most challenging aspects of planning a trip is arranging for the funds to facilitate the expedition. Some groups are funded fully by a Church Missions team, while others may be partially underwritten by scholarships. Most participants are likely responsible for coming up with their own funding and while many may be able to afford a trip with no assistance, others will be hard-pressed to finance their endeavor on their own. For those we would suggest doing some group fundraising. Most trips will follow the approximate costs below:

Meals offsite:     
Airport Departure Tax: