Most adventures booked with Here’s Hope will include travel from and to the nearest major airport. Since the majority of flights arriving at Belize City do so before 1:00 pm, most flights out of the US will depart fairly early in the morning.  Teams will need to determine whether or not to stay in a hotel the night prior to their flight to Belize. Adding housing obviously increases the cost of a trip, but beginning a short-term experience well-rested is quite valuable in starting off on the right foot.

Generally speaking, most travelers will fly to belize via American Airlines or U. S. Airways. Since only a few cities offer flights to Belize City, you will likely make a connecting flight in one of the gateway airports--typically Charlotte, Houston, or Miami. If not departing directly from one of those cities, your initial flight will likely leave between 6:00 and 7:30 am from your local airport in order to get you to one of those cities in time for a mid-morning flight out of the U.S.

Once in the country of Belize, you will initially be asked to show your passport at the immigration desk. Following that first process, you will then pick up your luggage and make your way through customs.  Once cleared, you will head out of the airport and leave Belize City via the Here’s Hope School Bus or their 15 passenger van. The trip from the airport usually lasts about 2 hours, though it sometimes includes a stop at one of the local restaurants for a quick introduction to Belizean cuisine.


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