We would love nothing better than to have you consider joining us for one of our short-term ministry opportunities to Hosanna House or the surrounding areas in the Stann Creek District. Here are a few of our upcoming ministry trips that you might want to consider:


Ministry loves company!

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King  Street Church   Jan. 15 – 25   Maintenance on Hosanna House and finish work at the Church.

Franklintown UB Church  Feb. 25 – March 6.  Build a home for a neighbor that burnt last year and finish a home started after the floods

Phil Oberhaltzer   Mar. 7 – 13   Do repairs to our tractor and weld bars for windows at the work team quarters.

Darlene and Grace Crouse   Mar. 7 – 22  Help around Hosanna House and help host a large team form  Okla.

Baptist Church from OK  Mar. 13 – 19 Minister in the local schools, maintenance on Hosanna House, Lead worship services at our church, repairing homes of some of our neighbors.

Tony Burkett   April 11 – 24   Hosanna House maintenance; landscaping; fencing; kid interaction.

Paul & Karen Bitner   Apr 19 – 24   Paul is a counselor and will be working with our residents and making plans for  a team he will be leading in late July.

Charlie & Wendy Burkett; Chris and Brenda Moore   May 14 – 22.  Crafts, Devotions & Sports with the residents. Routine Maintenance.

June 19 – 26  We have openings with this team. It will be working with our residents and we are planning a construction project making additional space available for our work teams.

We are working with Otterbein UB in Greencastle to send a team July 17 to 24. Would you like to join this team? The goal of this team is to secure the compound by completing the fence and installing security bars on the windows.

Paul Bitner, leading Group from Hope Grace Brethren Church,  July 31, - Aug 7. They will be ministering with the residents of Hosanna House and  the community through sports and crafts.

If you would like any additional information on any of our trips, please visit our CONTACT PAGE and submit your question, or simply e-mail us at info@hereshopeministries.org.