When it comes to serving on a short-term team in Belize, there are 4 things of which are virtually certain.

You’re going to get HOT!
You’re going to make friends!
You’re going to have FUN!
You’re going to get HOT!

Okay, technically, that’s only three different things, but they are all true, and while friends and fun are not cause for concern, you do need to be prepared for the heat of Belize--especially if you will be traveling down there any time between mid-spring and mid-autumn. During summer work trips, the heat index can approach 100 degrees, and with a very direct sun, one can heat up quite quickly.  So along that line, we would suggest a couple of precautions.

First, wear clothing that will be both cool and protective. Light long sleeve t-shirts of light color or white will serve you well in Belize. Additionally, light cotton pants will help protect you against both sun and biting flies and no-see-ums (something like an almost invisible biting gnat). Thirdly, wearing a lightweight ball cap or hat will help keep your head (if you are naturally head-covering challenged) from sunburn and will also help shield your eyes from the sun.

We would also strongly advise to keep a water bottle handy.  It doesn’t take much exposure to the central American sun to quickly deplete the body’s hydration. Good leather work glove will also be a benefit for those who may be working with wood, cinder block or concrete.


Ministry loves company!

Blood, Sweat & Tears (well, hopefully no blood!)