“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” If those words are true for Roy Disney, son of the founder of the great creative empire that bears his name, then how much more significant should that be to people whose values are rooted and grounded in the Word of God?

Our values drive what we do. If we value the souls of those who don’t yet know Christ, then we will spend our time, money and efforts to help introduce them to the savior.  If we value the lives that God has created, then we will be intentional to treat them the way God would have us.

At Here’s Hope, we believe that making sure you know our values helps us stay focused. Not only does it become a source of accountability to help us maintain our track, but it also allows those with similar values to join us in our quest.  So please take a few minutes and find out what is really important to Here’s Hope Ministries.

Here’s Hope Ministries, Inc., has seven main areas of focus:

  1. 1.Home Ownership—The funding and construction of clean, affordable homes for families living in poverty in Third World countries.

  2. 2.Children’s Homes—The funding and construction of children’s homes; to give a home to abandoned, neglected and abused children who need hope both now and for the future.

  3. 3.Day Care Centers—The construction of Day Care Centers to provide care for children of the working poor, including a safe and secure place to play and one nutritious meal daily.

  4. 4.Schools—The construction and maintenance of schools so that underprivileged children can get an education and live a better life with more opportunities. In most of the regions where Here’s Hope works, there is little hope for gaining the education necessary to keep themselves employed and responsible for themselves and their families.

  5. 5.Volunteers—Here’s Hope Ministries projects are designed to give individuals an opportunity to share their lives and the Gospel with those in need. People need opportunities to discover how they have been gifted for ministry and just how God might be calling them to use those gifts.  We believe it is the greatest privilege to offer the people a chance to help make those discoveries.

  6. 6.National Workers—All of the projects in the world are useless if they don’t help people learn to take care of themselves. Each of our projects is designed and driven by the desire to employ national workers to labor beside volunteers, helping them discover their value in the eyes of God, and cultivating the satisfaction of a job well done.

  7. 7.Spiritual Growth—It is our desire and overall purpose to carry out all of our activities in a manner that brings honor to the Lord and intentionally encourages others toward a more faithful, mature relationship with Jesus Christ. We recognize that we can offer the people the entire world, but to gain the world while losing one’s soul is meaningless.