They may not quite be up to the standard of a luxury resort, but when staying on the compound of Here’s Hope in Belize, you can count of clean comfortable housing. Most groups will divide up between the two sides of our dormitory, both of which have showers and restroom facilities.  One side of the dorm features a full kitchen with coffee maker (an essential for some of us!), microwave, gas stove/oven and refrigerator. Most beds are single or bunk twin beds. There are fans in each room to help maintain comfortable sleeping quarters.

It is recommended that each person bring their own set of sheets and small pillow. Most bedding that is left at the Here’s Hope compound ends up getting used in the children’s home.

Besides the sleeping quarters, the dormitory recently received an upgrade as a team enclosed a previously open porch that now serves a a relaxing break and meeting room. Teams can now eat indoors without being bothered by insects and other nuisances. Regardless of whether your groups efforts are at the Here’s Hope compound or out in the villages of Belize, you will enjoy coming back to a comfortable setting each evening.


Motel 5 1/2

We’ll leave a light on...
(if there’s electricity)
One of the bunks in the sleeping quarters
The new break and meeting room